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Luca Casagrande “Alarico il Baltha, cioè l’Audace Rè de Gothi” – A. Steffani (1687)

by Luca

This recording highlights for the first time one of the most important examples of baroque drama in music. Just to mention some of the most enthusiastic reviews: […] This opera is a rare treasure, Really admirable the choice to release the complete edition […] Direction and interpreters quite young and not so well-known, but of very high level both from a technical and vocal point of view, as well as for the stylistic and interpreting efforts which are surely well adjusted to the almost “impossible” baroque style by Steffani”; and […] A fantastic recording, plenty of nuances with an Italian cast of voices, all of them of extraordinary high level. I really shows, once again, the superiority of the new music and vocal Italian schools above all the others; surely as far as style and interpretative mood is concerned, if not also referring to a technical point of view. We have clear examples of young artists who are very well prepared and sometimes they even reach perfection by performing various works of rare beauty […].

(International Press)