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Luca Casagrande – Maria Carla Curìa – Guerino Pelaccia – Marco Democratico -“Alarico il Baltha, cioè l’Audace, Rè de Gothi” (1687) – Scenes I-IV – A. Steffani – Scarlatti Camera Ensemble – Live Recording 2004 by Luca

“Alarico il Baltha, cioè l’Audace, Rè de Gothi” (Alarico The Baltha, or The Audacious, King of the Gothic People), I Act, Scenes I-IV, six Arias, in a live recording, directed and produced by Luca Casagrande. Composer: Agostino Steffani (1654 – 1728). Steffani was born at Castelfranco Veneto. At a very early age he was admitted […]

Maria Carla Curìa – “È troppo crudele” – Aria of Faustina – “Marco Aurelio” (1681) I Act – Scarlatti Camera Ensemble – A. Steffani (1654 – 1728) by Luca

MARIA CARLA CURìA, SOPRANO. Born in Cosenza, she leads her studies in Bologna, graduating in Voice at the Conservatory of Music “G. B. Martini” (M° Marta Taddei) and graduating in D.A.M.S. with a thesis in philosophy of music entitled The ‘Traité de la voix’ nell’”Harmonie universelle” by P. Mersenne. Between 2000 and 2001 Curìa works […]

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