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“Sex and Religion in French Opera” – “The Ultimate Art” – University of California Press by Luca

Most operas that continue to hold the stage deal with “romance” (men and women falling in and out of love with one another) and either heroic or comic adventures: warfare and duels, quests, confusions of identity, tragic misunderstandings. The romantic content of opera is frequently rendered more interesting (and more musically productive) by coyness, jealousy, […]

Mattia Battistini -“Ah! non mi ridestar” – “Werther” – J. Massenet – Version for baritone 1902 – Gramophone DB 149 enregistré le 2 juin 1912.wmv by Luca

Massenet adjusted the role of Werther for a baritone, when Mattia Battistini sang it in Saint Petersburg in 1902. I find this version (in italian) more musically refined than the version for tenor voice. Mattia Battistini (27 February 1856 – 7 November 1928) was an Italian operatic baritone (my favourite italian baritone). He became internationally […]

Maria Callas – “A vos jeux” – “Hamlet” – A.Thomas by Luca

Hamlet is an opéra in five acts by the French composer Ambroise Thomas, with a libretto by Michel Carré and Jules Barbier based on a French adaptation by Alexandre Dumas, père and Paul Meurice of Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. The Parisian public’s fascination with Ophelia, prototype of the femme fragile, began in the fall of 1827, […]

Dame Joan Sutherland – “O beau pays de la Touraine” – “Les Huguenots” – G. Meyerbeer – Live at La Scala – Milan – 1962 by Luca

“Les Huguenots” is a French opera by Giacomo Meyerbeer, one of the most popular and spectacular examples of the style of grand opera. The opera is in five acts and premiered in Paris in 1836. The libretto was written by Eugène Scribe and Émile Deschamps. “Les Huguenots” was some five years in creation. Meyerbeer prepared […]

Luca Casagrande – Poiché fato inumano – Cantata a voce sola di basso e b. c. – Benedetto Marcello (1686 – 1739) by Luca

Luca Casagrande – “Poiché fato inumano” – Cantata a voce sola di Basso e Basso Continuo – Benedetto Marcello (1686 – 1739). Centaurus Music Int. Studio Recording – “Benedetto Marcello – Udite! Amanti udite – Cantate” – ℗ 2016 Luca Casagrande Baritone Scarlatti Camera Ensemble Artistic Director and Producer Luca Casagrande © Luca Casagrande. – […]

Luca Casagrande e Maria Carla Curìa – “Io mi parto ò cara vita” – Cantata a due voci – Agostino Steffani (1654 – 1728) by Luca

Agostino Steffani (* 25. Juli 1654 in Castelfranco Veneto; † 12. Februar 1728 in Frankfurt am Main) war ein italienischer Komponist, Diplomat und katholischer Titularbischof. Steffani verbrachte seine Kindheit bei seinen Verwandten in Padua, wo er das Gymnasium besuchte. Er wurde vom damals in Padua weilenden bayerischen Kurfürstenpaar gefördert, das er 1667 nach München begleitete […]

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