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Charles Kullman – “In fernem Land” – “Lohengrin” – R. Wagner by Luca

Maybe the best Lohengrin of 1900s. Charles Kullman (January 13, 1903 – February 8, 1983), originally Charles Kullmann, was an American tenor who enjoyed a wide-ranging career, both in Europe and America. Charles Kullman was born in New Haven, Connecticut, and began performing in church choir at age eight. He attended Yale University, studying medicine. […]

Wilhelm Furtwängler – “Lohengrin” – Prelude to Act I – R. Wagner by Luca

‎”Lohengrin” is a romantic opera in three acts composed and written by Richard Wagner, first performed in 1850. The story of the eponymous character is taken from medieval German romance, notably the Parzival of Wolfram von Eschenbach and its sequel, Lohengrin, written by a different author, itself inspired by the epic of Garin le Loherain. […]

Luca Casagrande – “Era la notte e muto” – Cantata per voce sola e basso continuo – Antonio Cesti (1623 – 1669) by Luca

(Pietro) Antonio Cesti, byname Marc’ Antonio (baptized Aug. 5, 1623, Arezzo, Tuscany [Italy] — died Oct. 14, 1669, Florence), composer who, with Francesco Cavalli, was one of the leading Italian composers of the 17th century, known today primarily as an Italian composer of the Baroque era, he was also a singer (tenor), and organist. He […]

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